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Hello everyone ^^

It's been almost a year since the last post XD
I was so busy during this year with RL and finally I find a job and I'm doing fine with it!
Of cousre, I was around the fandom but mostly in twitter and tumblr to be honest xD it's easier and faster to get Arashi's news <3
First I would like to congratulate Neen for winning the trophy *.* he deserve it <3 and he was so handsome *.*

Second, I watch their programs and activities reguerly in weekends. I'm very exciting for Sho's trip with Okada, just by seeing his face, I know it's going to be so much fun XD

Also, now I'm watching a j-drama called N no Tame ni. The drama is so interesting and the plot of the story is so confusing and suspense. I'm now watching episode 6 and I can't stop watching until I reach the end. It's such a great drama, one of the best I've ever watched.

That's for now, see ya! ^^
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Hi Guys!!
Did you see yesterday performance!
I simply Loved it!

Sakura <3 )

The boys were so energetic and the movements were creative! I really liked the dancing <3
Waiting for the single release! I want to see the PV and Making!

At the End! My Oji-sama <3

Ja ne!


Jan. 25th, 2015 05:50 pm
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Happy Birthday Day Sho-kun!!

I'm really happy to know you!
Can't believe you are now 33th years old!

Thank you for being the inspiring in my life!
Thank you for always bring the smile to my heart and face!
Thank you for the wonderful feelings you give me!
Thank you for being who you are!

Stay Gold <3
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What a good news!
Arashi new single, "Sakura" theme song of "Ouroboros" drama!

B4tZBxeCQAEiIfp.jpg large

Honestly, I didn't know about the drama before I heard that Arashi will sing the theme song XD
But, hey! I read the description of the story and wow I love that type of drama story!
Puls, there will be Shun, Juri and Toma acting <3 How can I ask for more?
I heard little parts of the song and it seems pretty cool!
So exciting, waiting forward *-*
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They were really beautiful <3
He seems enjoying too much *-*

Hi again!!

Dec. 4th, 2014 01:31 am
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Warning: Just random things about my boring life xD

I know I didn't post anything long time ago, or to be accurate anything important, sorry for that :p
I don't like to post my everyday routine because it's really boring -_-"
There is nothing to do those couple of months, after finishing my studies. And I'm sill looking for a job, it's hard to look for proper one you know.
So, I started using my free time usefully like going to gym, workshops and so on.
And the good thing that I had the full time to catch up with all dramas, Anime and Arashi shows that I missed too much since my senior year.

Today was really busy for me and the good thing that I could see Arashi in FNS, thery were gorgeous and they all looks good <3 I'm waiting patiently for Kouhaku to see them again <3

About Sho's and Nino's drama specials I'm so exciting for them. I'm alrealy fan for the original work by Agatha christie and I really want to watch Sho-kun cooking xD He looks soo good in Chef uniforms.

Here are some photo for him <3

pics )

He looks so good, I'm looking forward to see his acting *-*

So, that all ^^
Ja ne.
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Hello everyone ^^

Here is a small introduction about myself,
My name is Sha and I'm 22 years old.
I'm done with my study in college and now searching for a job, hope to get it soon :p
Usually I'm using LJ to find the things that I'm interested in such as Arashi news, programs, fanfiction, drama etc.. Therefore, I don't post anything here even though I'm really active.
I spend most time reading, searching and watching things that I like.
LJ is such an amazing place where you can find your favorite things and discover new things and friends <3.

See you later ^^
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Hi everyone..

This is my first post, I hope everybody is fine.
Hope to find interesting things here ^^

See you later..


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