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sha007 ([personal profile] sha007) wrote2014-12-04 01:31 am

Hi again!!

Warning: Just random things about my boring life xD

I know I didn't post anything long time ago, or to be accurate anything important, sorry for that :p
I don't like to post my everyday routine because it's really boring -_-"
There is nothing to do those couple of months, after finishing my studies. And I'm sill looking for a job, it's hard to look for proper one you know.
So, I started using my free time usefully like going to gym, workshops and so on.
And the good thing that I had the full time to catch up with all dramas, Anime and Arashi shows that I missed too much since my senior year.

Today was really busy for me and the good thing that I could see Arashi in FNS, thery were gorgeous and they all looks good <3 I'm waiting patiently for Kouhaku to see them again <3

About Sho's and Nino's drama specials I'm so exciting for them. I'm alrealy fan for the original work by Agatha christie and I really want to watch Sho-kun cooking xD He looks soo good in Chef uniforms.

Here are some photo for him <3


Looks so professional <3


I love when he's enjoying, happy Sho-Kun is the best ^^

He looks so good, I'm looking forward to see his acting *-*

So, that all ^^
Ja ne.