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MS Sakura Performance

Hi Guys!!
Did you see yesterday performance!
I simply Loved it!

Before the performance,
Ohmiya cute ^^
Aiba whats wrong! seems like lost cat XD
Sho is all serious and focus :p
Jun seems getting bored xD

The background <3

Beautiful <3

Loved this move so much!!

Yama! Wah! I'm dying <33

Jun, Nino, Aiba <333

The End!! so much Sakuras XDD

The boys were so energetic and the movements were creative! I really liked the dancing <3
Waiting for the single release! I want to see the PV and Making!

At the End! My Oji-sama <3

Ja ne!

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wah ❤❤
the screenshots are so cool!!!
and u r right!
the petformance was sooo epic!!
i like it all ≧﹏≦❤

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Yes it was so perfect!
I loved each second of it <3

Thanks for commenting ^^
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thanks for screenshots ^_~

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you're welcome ^^